Travel on a literary and musical journey to the fertile rainforests of Costa Rica with a friendly family of millipedes.

"The Travel Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly: Costa Rica is a children’s book with accompanying audio CD following the adventures of a tiny millipede with a talent for playing the piano. Along with her grandparents, the plucky millipede goes on a wondrous journey deep into the Costa Rican rainforest! The Travel Adventures of Lilly P. Badilly features a number of catchy songs sung by various creatures; these songs are played with music on the audio CD, making for a most enjoyable reading and listening experience. Simple yet colorful illustrations round out this surprisingly long and involved picturebook adventure. Highly recommended."

-Midwest Book Review

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Lilly P. Badilly is a little millipede with a brilliant mind and an exceptional talent for playing the piano. She lives in a teeny, tiny hole in the wall in the Miami International Airport with her grandparents, Nellie O. Badilly and Willie Z. Badilly. Together they embark on a most unique, and sometimes hilarious, travel adventure deep into the fertile rain forest of Costa Rica. It is there that Lilly is forced to face her biggest fears in order to save the lives of her family, herself and her new friends. Along the way, Lilly learns a lot about geography, culture and the plants and animals of Costa Rica. Best of all she discovers that if she uses her brain, she can work through her fears and turn a frightening situation into a celebration! Included with this book is a most entertaining audio CD. The characters of Lilly P. Badilly come to life with voices that children of all ages and adults will enjoy. Complete with music and authentic Costa Rican sound effects, readers can listen, read and sing along at the same time.

“Every part of the book is very unique with the characters of the Badilly family being very funny – especially Grandpa and his farting. It was great that everyone was saved from the spider web because of Lilly’s music. I like when I was reading and listening to the story. Your story is AWESOME!”  

-Dallas, Age 10

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