The Recording of the Book

          What makes this story most unique is the CD recording of the book, complete with sound effects and original music and songs. It’s funny, scary, heart-warming, informative and downright adorable! It’s impossible not to laugh as you listen to the characters come to life. Authentic, high-quality sounds of the Costa Rican rainforests were used, along with other sound effects, to give the story a lifelike quality.

Words from the Glade family on recording:

Debbie Glade
debbie gladeAuthor, Narrator, Voice Talents and Singer
“The recording session was hilarious! You can tell we are a family who likes to have a lot of fun. We find humor in just about everything we do, and recording day was no different. I sometimes had to stop because I was laughing so hard while performing. I’d have to say the day at the studio was one of the best days of my entire life. The fact that this project has been a family affair has made it extra special for me. I could never have done this without my daughter and husband’s musical talents and support! (I’m not the best at holding a tune while singing!) They are used to my weirdness and seem to welcome it, which makes me more creative – if that makes any sense! Now that the book and CD are all done, I can look back and really be proud of all that hard work we did. There’s no better feeling on earth than creating something original yourself without anyone else telling you how to do it.”

Rachel Glade
rachel gladeComposer, Pianist and Sitarist
“I was really amazed by how smoothly the recording went. We pretty much did everything in one take, right through the entire script. We had practiced so much at home, we were really ready for recording. My Mom was incredible at changing from one voice to another without stopping. As far as composing the music, I took the lyrics she wrote and just thought about what mood the music should be. The story has so many emotions. It was challenging to change the piano to fit each mood, but I loved every minute of it. It’s great to be able to compose fun music for kids without any rules. I played around on my keyboard with a lot of different sounds, but then we decided just straight piano was best. When I did rehearse with my Mom, I ended up laughing a lot. Even though I’ve heard her silly voices my entire life, I will always find them funny.”

John Glade
john gladeComposer, Guitarist, harmonica Player and Singer
“My wife and daughter worked on the music for several months on their own. I was busy with my job as a banker. After a while we all sat down to have a music session on a Saturday - Rachel on piano, me on guitar and Debbie with her Lilly voice. Everything really came together. I think the harmonica really livened things up. I had a blast singing as Grandpa Willie during the recording. Hearing Cliff, the Sound Engineer from Sunflower Recording Studios, laugh so hard at the story and music, I knew we had created something special. You don’t have to be a kid to love listening to this whacky recording.